Basement Renovation

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What kind of space does Hammonds Plains need?

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The lower level of Hammonds Plains Community Centre was previously under-utilized.  In the Fall of 2015, Andrea’s Music Studio moved into the western half of the space.  In the summer of 2016, this space was fully insulated and finished.

The eastern half of the space is unfinished as it has been since the mid 1950’s when the basement was raised and the rear half of the building added.  This space is a major source of heat loss for the building and needs to be fully insulated.  If we are to do this insulation project, it may be cost effective to add extra electrical and fully finish the space to make it usable by the community.

The stairway is bright with a window.  It will need to be renovated to increase the headroom at the bottom, painted and new flooring.  The lower level currently has four rooms.  There’s a small room for storage of recyclables and a furnace room.  The front room has two windows, is L-shaped and is approximately 27′ by 27′, less the furnace room.   This space will most likely be needed for storage and administrative space for the community centre.  The rear room is the space with greater potential.  It has three windows and is rectangular, approximately 28′ wide by 38′ long.  The headspace along the centre wall is low, so this may be good for closet/storage for community groups or users of the room.  The room has character with old thick wood beams and 6 support posts.  3 of these may be incorporated into the walls of the closet/storage space, leaving 3 in the center of the room.  Ceiling height is low, i.e. maximum 7’2″ and only 6’5″ under the beams.  Due to cost and space limitations, this space will not be wheelchair accessible.

Check out the Basement Floorplan.

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