Side A:  Road Sign facing Glen Arbour Way

Side B:  Road Sign facing Bedford

Side C:  Building Sign



6 thoughts on “Calendars

  1. It is possible I might like to start a line dancing group for people in the community …
    Is this the type of place where I could do that ?
    If so what are the details like is there a charge ??? Is there a large room that would be good for dancing?
    Thank you
    Wilma Wilson
    PS. Right now I don’t live in the community but I’m hoping to soon

  2. Hi Wilma: Absolutely, this is the place you could do that! Pictures and floorplans are available on our Rentals page and FAQ’s. Most of HPCC’s programming is run by local entrepreneurs, so you are welcome to rent our hall for a weekly class. Please email us at if you wish to discuss your idea further.

  3. What would you charge for renting a space for an exercise class each week for an hour, or twice per week for a class for one hour on a weekly basis. Thanks!

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