Rental FAQ

1)  Where can I find a brochure about renting the Community Centre?

You can pick up a hard copy of our rental brochure at the centre or click: HPCC Rental Brochure 2022.

2)  Is the Community Centre available for my date?

You can check out our on-line booking app to see if your preferred date is available or to select an alternative date.  If you need help determining availability, please feel free to contact us!

3)  How much does it cost to rent the Community Centre?

You can explore our menu of rental options for hourly rates and special Party ‘n’ Go packages.  We can also customize a package to meet your unique needs.  If you need further info on pricing, please contact us!

4)  How do I pay for my rental?  

Your rental is not firm until the booking deposit is received.  The booking deposit of 25% of your rental fee is due within 7 days of your booking and is non-refundable.   The balance is due 30 days prior to your rental date for Party ‘n’ Go packages and 60 days prior to your rental date for weddings and bar events, as indicated on your invoice.

To pay your rental fee or deposit, you can pay via cheque, email money transfer or credit cards.  Please see our Rental Payment page for more details.

5)  I would like to have alcohol at my event.  Can I run the bar myself?  

No.  HPCC relies on bar revenues to help pay the operating and capital expenses of the building.  We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the bar service and customize a plan to meet your needs.

6)  Do I need a Liquor License to have alcohol at my event?

Yes.  A Special Occasion Liquor License is required for all events where alcohol is served.  The cost for this is included in our Wedding and Bar Event packages.  

7)  I’m planning my event and need to know the floor plan and dimensions.  Where do I find this?

Floorplan:  Main Floor.

Ceiling Height:  9′.   Inflatables/bouncy castles are allowed up to 8′ high.

8)  What is the capacity?  How many people can I invite to my event?

For most events with tables, chairs and bar service, the capacity is 187 people per Fire Marshall.  For non-alcohol events with tables and chairs, the capacity is 237.  Maximum capacity without tables is 300 (theatre style).    At the current time, we have approximately 25 tables (6′) and chairs for 120 people.  An additional 60-80 chairs may be available with one week’s prior notice.

Notwithstanding the Fire Marshall capacities, the renter agrees to follow all Nova Scotia public health directives in place at the time of rental, and that includes reductions in capacity limits or limits on gathering sizes.

9)  What am I responsible for when I rent the Community Centre?

We ask renters to take certain precautions with regards to decorating, cleaning, alcohol use and general safety.  For non-alcohol packages, we use these Venue Rental Terms and Conditions.  

10)  Do I need to clean up after my event?  

If you’ve selected one of our Party ‘n’ Go or Bar Event packages or have otherwise contracted for staff cleaning, then we will look after cleaning for you.  In this case, you are required to return the tables and chairs to their original locations, unless you’ve contracted for set-up/tear down service.

If you haven’t selected a package or staff cleaning, then you are responsible to clean up after your event and return the hall to a rentable condition.  Check out our Rental Checklist for a list of cleaning requirements.

11)  Who do I contact to book my event?

Please check out our convenient online booking app to make your request!  If you need assistance, please contact us.

12)  I will need audio/video equipment.  What’s available to rent?  

HPCC has a bluetooth wireless projector and screen.

The following audio equipment is available:

  • 1 Speaker (Yorkville NX25P 300 watt powered loudspeaker) with stand
  • Up to 3 wired and 2 wireless microphones
  • Up to 2 floor stands and 1 table top stand
  • 1 Mix8 mixer

13)  I would like to serve food at my event.  Can you look after that?  

The Community Centre’s kitchen is a fully inspected facility with a Nova Scotia Food Establishment Permit.  It is rented separately from the Firefighters Hall, so contact us to confirm you want the space.  We do not have restrictions on catering; you can bring your own food in or work with a caterer.  We recommend Hammonds Plains’ Creative Gourmet;  contact Chef Lyle Kennedy for information or a quote.

14)  I would like to arrange transportation for my guests to or from the Community Centre.  Who do I contact to help me out?

TJ’s Van & Carpool Services is a Hammonds Plains based transportation company who can pick up and safely drive your guests home after your event.  You can contact TJ’s for more information.

15)  I would like to rent one of the signs to promote my event.  How do I do this?

The Community Centre’s road and building signs are seen by 20,000 cars a day and are an excellent tool to market your event.  The signs are rented for a minimum one week period (Monday to Sunday).  Please contact us to book.

16)  How does Covid-19 affect my rental?  

HPCC, renters and guests must respect the Public Health Measures in place at the time of your event.  This includes respecting gathering sizes, wearing of masks and physical distancing.  Should the Public Health Measures increase following the date of your booking to your event date, which will impact your ability to hold your event, HPCC will reschedule your event to a later date or honour a full refund.  However if there has been no changes in the Public Health Measures impacting your event since your date of booking, the normal cancellation policy will be in effect. 

For more information, please visit:

17)  What is the Booking Deposit for and what happens if I cancel my rental?

A 25% booking deposit is due within 7 days of your booking request or invoice date.  This is to secure your date and confirm your booking.  It becomes non-refundable after 7 days.  If not paid on time, your booking will be assumed to be cancelled.

The balance of your fees are due 30 days prior to your rental date (or 60 days for weddings and bar events). 

If you cancel your rental with more than 30 days notice (60 days for weddings and bar events) then your rental fees are refunded, less the booking deposit. 

If you cancel your rental with less than 30 days (less than 60 days for weddings and bar events), but more than 7 days notice, than 50% of your rental fees are refundable. 

If you cancel with less than 7 days notice, or do not provide notice of cancellation, then no refund will apply. 

18)  How do I make a complaint, a compliment or share other feedback?  

We appreciate your feedback.  Please complete our Client Satisfaction Evaluation Form or contact us.

19)  I have other questions.  Who do I contact to help me out?

Please contact us or send us an email  >>

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