Strategic Plan


Supporting and enhancing the community of Hammonds Plains through the provision of a furnished community centre via a self-sustaining non-profit organization.

Key Objectives

1)  Increase human resource capacity.

  • Attract, retain and engage volunteers.
  • Hire general manager.

2)  Promote the use of HPCC for public access

  • Maximize the use of HPCC by supporting community interests.

3)  Create a diversified funding base for the HPCC

  • Seek support through the provincial and federal government, HRM, and other sources to determine what, if any, funding opportunities may be available.
  • Generate revenue to support operational needs.
  • Seek longer term rental opportunities for basement and kitchen areas.
  • Seek partnerships with local service clubs, youth organizations, and non-profit community entities.

4)  Support the growth of a sense of community in Hammonds Plains

  • Encourage the community feels a sense of ownership of the community centre.
  • Provision of at-cost space to non-profit organizations.
  • Provide volunteering opportunities at HPCC.
  • Consult with the community regarding future needs.
  • Ensure HPCC is inclusive, welcoming, and accessible

5)  Ensure the maintenance and preservation of the HPCC physical infrastructure.

  • Renovation of the kitchen and bar area to support first-rate recreational, cultural, and social programming.
  • Continue efforts to maximize accessibility through renovations.
  • Upgrade existing facilities to suit current and future demand.
  • Develop a contingency for unexpected repairs.

Implementation Plan

1)  Capital Priorities:

2)  The association needs to identify niches where it can deliver services that the community demands, all in a manner that achieves long-term financial sustainability.  Over the next year, a number of steps will be taken to explore these opportunities:

  • Community Open Houses – at HPCC and other community organizations.
  • Solicit Community Feedback to identify under-serviced areas where HPCC can assist.
  • Engineer Assessment to identify long-term capital requirements.
  • Visit Community Groups Outside of Hammonds Plains to identify best practices, opportunities and potential partnerships.


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