Summer Camps

August 19-23, 2019:

Mad Science: Secret Agent Lab

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The Mad Science Secret Agent Camp is a fun journey into the world of detection, spy science, and forensics. Over the course of 5 days, campers will experience all kinds of cool science and take home a scientific project each day. Throughout the week they will help Headquarters discover who the sleep agent is and learn the skills to eliminate, detect and capture the spy!

Day 1: Spy Academy

Children discover cryptology—how to decipher numbers to send secret messages to their friends! They learn code language just like computers do and discover and explore many different spy tools that our used in the field. They will receive their very own spy tool to take home.

Day 2: Sleuths on the Scene

Discover how to send secret messages to your friends using special codes! Children learn how to talk with numbers, just like computers, and create their very own code “crackers”. Children learn actual forensic science techniques in this fun-filled, science-sleuth program. They can practice detective skills like Morse code, sign language and braille. They will learn about secret codes and how to crack them with the cool Take-Home code breaker.

Day 3: Discover Detection

Children join the Mad Science Bureau of Investigations to sniff out forgeries and counterfeits! They will take a close look at handwriting analysis and how UV light can discover things not seen with the naked eye. They will look at crime scenes and how the evidence can help us to solve crimes. They can practice theses skills at home with their very own Scene Solver.

Day 4: Funky Forensics

Children follow Sherlock’s footsteps to learn what tracks n’ trails can teach us! They find out how bugs, foot prints and Ink from a pen can make a big break in a case. They can create their own crime scene with their take-home case stamper.

Day 5: Science of Security

Children are on their final day of solving a crime. Today they will look at Finger printing and blood typing. Students will also test their skills as a witness by using facial recognition. They will test their memory skills and get their very own agent profile.