Venue Rental Terms & Conditions

Bar Events (version 2018/12)

Hammonds Plains Community Centre, (“HPCC”) refers to the invoice detailing the venue rental and other services requested and agrees to enter into this agreement with the “Renter”.  By clicking the agreement box and paying the rental fees, the Renter accepts these rental terms and conditions.


A.  Your HPCC Contact Person is John Casey, telephone # 902-718-6240.

B.  If unavailable, call the HPCC main number 902-835-6790 and leave a message. The message will immediately be sent to members of HPCC and they will respond to your question.


A.  The invoice shall detail the dates, times, room(s) and other services to be provided by HPCC.

B.  The renter shall have access to the room(s) indicated on the invoice.  Other areas of the facility are not to be used and may be rented by other parties.

C.  Rental Fee, Deposits and Payments

i. Rental Fees are DUE IN ADVANCE and if not paid by the due date, HPCC has the right to refuse the Renter access to the facility and the booking deposit shall be forfeited.

ii. A non-refundable BOOKING DEPOSIT of 25% is required to confirm the booking and secure the date requested.  The balance of the rental fee is due 30 days prior to the rental date.

iii. A DAMAGE AND CLEANING DEPOSIT may be required.  The damage and cleaning deposit is refundable after the space has been inspected by an HPCC Representative.

iv.  PAYMENTS of Rental Fees and Deposits can be made by cheque (payable to “Hammonds Plains Community Centre “) and mailed to 2041 Hammonds Plains Road, Hammonds Plains, B4B 1P3, E-Mail Money Transfers to or credit card by using the links on the booking system or invoice. 

D.  Cancellations

i.             The renter shall have 7 days from date of booking to review the invoice and rental terms and conditions.  After that time, the booking deposit shall become non-refundable.   

ii.            If the renter cancels with 7 days or more notice, HPCC will refund the rental fees paid less the non-refundable booking deposit.

iii.           If the renter cancels with less than 7 days notice, no refund will made.

iv.           HPCC reserves the RIGHT TO CANCEL this agreement should there be a breach of conditions or regulations or should HPCC be of the opinion the premises are not being used for the purpose specified.


A.  Cleaning

i.  Staff Cleaning is included with all Packages.

ii.   The Renter agrees to leave furnishings in the same condition as at the time of rental.  All tables and chairs must be stacked and returned to their ORIGINAL LOCATION at the end of the rental.  

B.  Decorating

i. The Renter shall ensure that NO NAILS, THUMBTACKS, TAPE, etc., will be used for decoration on the walls or ceiling. To hang decorations on the walls, please use a re-usable poster putty product (available at such stores as Staples, Wal Mart, Home Hardware).  Tape may be used on the tables ONLY. NOTHING what-so-ever is to be hung from ceiling.

ii.  If decorations cause damage to the walls or ceiling, all or a portion of the Cleaning and Damage Deposit will be FORFEITED, or additional fees charged.


A.  HPCC has agreed to allow consumption of alcohol on premises according to the following and posted regulations.  Also, refer to Schedule: HPCC Beverage Service attached.

B. The Renter agrees to obtain a SPECIAL OCCASION LIQUOR LICENSE from the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division and to submit the license to HPCC within one week prior to the event.  A copy of the License must be visible prior to serving any liquor.

C. It is the Renter’s responsibility to supervise and police the function to avoid any infractions concerning the Liquor Laws of Nova Scotia and all conditions of this agreement.

D. Bar Service has been requested and agreed to by HPCC.  Alcohol MUST be served from the bar area only. HPCC will be responsible for the bar service and will collect all revenues from the sale of alcohol.

E. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL may be brought in the hall.  All alcohol consumed on premises must be purchased by HPCC under an appropriate license.

F. No alcohol will be permitted OUTSIDE the building.

G. HOURS FOR THE BAR ARE 08:00 PM TO 01:00 AM unless otherwise indicated on the Rental Invoice.  The opening hours must not extend beyond what has been approved under the Renter’s Liquor License for the event.  If a Renter wishes to have the bar open earlier or later, it must be arranged one week prior to the event and will be liable for a cost of $25 per additional hour.


A. HPCC is NOT responsible for any injuries to users of the facility.

B. HPCC will NOT be responsible for damage, loss or theft of articles, equipment or clothing of any Renter or anyone attending on the invitation of the Renter.   

C. All property of the Renter brought into the facility must be removed immediately after the event, unless special arrangements for storage are made in advance with the HPCC.  

D. The Renter shall pay for ALL damages to the property arising from the use of the facility where the Renter is deemed responsible.   

E. The Renter shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons attending this event and shall see that all regulations contained in this agreement are strictly observed. 

F.  The Renter shall respect the enjoyment of the facility by renters using other rooms in the centre.   The Renter shall not use amplified music or voice Monday through Thursday, 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM and other times when the centre has multiple users.


A. The Renter acknowledges that per Department of Labor and Advanced Education regulations attendance MUST be limited to 187 people at one time for the event.

B. The Renter agrees that doors MUST be kept closed at all times.

C. NO alterations to any electrical will be made at any time to accommodate sound systems.  No hanging of electrical wires of any kind from the ceilings.

D. NO Smoke Machines or facsimiles will be used on the property.

E. The Renter agrees to adhere to municipal bylaws regarding amplified music as specified times.

F.  No smoking is permitted in the Community Centre or entrances.

G.  Firefighter’s Hall, Multi-Purpose Meeting Room, Bar and Foyer are subject to 24-hour video surveillance.

H. If an HPCC Board Member or a Fire Department member rents the hall, that member MUST be present for the entire event.

I. As part of the consideration for HPCC renting the facility to me/us, I, on behalf of myself the renting organization and its members agree to release and discharge, and to indemnify and save harmless, HPCC from and against all claims and proceedings, by whomsoever made or brought, in respect of any costs, losses, damages, injury or expenses arising by reason of my/our use of the rented facilities.


Responsible Beverage Service Policy

~ HPCC supports responsible beverage service and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages in compliance with Nova Scotia Liquor Licensing regulations.

~ HPCC upholds responsible beverage policies and procedures in compliance with the Nova Scotia Liquor Licensing Regulations and for the protection of our guests, staff and community.

~ In order to meet these standards of responsible service, HPCC has trained its staff in the ‘Serve Right Responsible Beverage Service Program’, conducted by the Nova Scotia Tourism Resource Council.   Our Goal is provide safe, responsible, courteous and professional service. We serve our guests in a friendly and responsible manner and are committed to upholding the liquor laws of the province of Nova Scotia.

Conditions of Entry

~ Guests must be able to produce a valid government issued picture ID on request, Failure to produce a valid ID will result in refusal of entry.

~ Be a member or accompanied by a member, or be a Renter or an invited guest of a Renter, to be granted admittance.

~ Intoxicated persons will be denied admittance at the door.

~ Persons under the Age of 19 will not be permitted entry unless accompanied by an adult.

Conditions of Service

Alcoholic beverages will not be served…

~ To persons under the age of 19

~ To guests who are determined to be impaired

~ To anyone causing a disruption or behaving inappropriately

~ To intoxicated persons

~ To anyone who once evaluated under the “Traffic Light System” and has been assigned as “RED”.

Responsible Service

~ Managers and Servers will communicate regularly concerning the condition of guests in order to make quick and effective decisions and to regulate service.

~ Guests showing signs of impairment level “RED” will not be served

~ Last Call will be announced 30 minutes prior to closing time, 1:00 am. No alcohol will be served after closing time. Guests are allowed another 30 minutes after closing time, 1:00am to finish their drinks and leave the premises

~ Alcoholic beverages may not be taken from the premises.

Disruptive and Intoxicated Guests

When discontinuing service servers will:

~ Enlist the support of the guest’s friends should the guest not respond to a private conversation

~ Not allow the guest to drive away

~ Offer safe transportation

~ Persons causing a disruption or behaving inappropriately will not be served, maybe asked to leave the premises and have may have their membership reviewed.

~ If an intoxicated or disruptive guest is perceived to a threat to him/herself or others (e.g. insists on driving home) and he/she refused to comply with the wishes of the server or manager on duty, the police may be called to assist as a last resort.