2016 Multi-Purpose Room / Kitchen Renovation Project

(BEFORE) Kitchen – December 2015

In 1968, Hammonds Plains Community Centre ceased operation as a school and was sold to the community for use as a community hall.  One of the classrooms was converted to a kitchen in 1969 and unfortunately, had not been renovated since.

Project Purpose and Goals

This project intends to secure the future sustainability of the community centre.  From pancake breakfasts, to barbecue hot dog and spaghetti dinner fundraisers, to catered weddings, food is a common bind that brings a community together.  So if food engages community, then kitchens are the heart of community halls.  A community hall’s function, relevance and sustainability are compromised without an ability to safely and legally prepare food on its premises.

The project addresses three goals:

  1. Meet today’s Nova Scotia Department of Environment regulations by replacing the 1950’s era septic system.
  2. Allow the preparation of food onsite by renovating the kitchen to comply with today’s Food Establishment Permit requirements.
  3. Increase revenue generating potential by attracting more events that require a commercial kitchen and creating a multi-purpose space that can be used for meetings during the peak Monday to Thursday evening time slot.


2016 Renovation

  • Demolition completed in January.
    • Removal of existing storage closets.
    • Space subdivided.
  • Existing rear door to kitchen now leads to a janitors area with mop sink and cleaning supplies; lockers for renters; and a storage area for tables and chairs.  Storage room has a door to the kitchen to allow direct access from the kitchen to the service window to the hall.
  • Existing front door to kitchen leads to the new multi-purpose room.
    • Space is furnished with presentation equipment and flexible chairs and tables for boardroom, classroom or theater style seating.
    • For weddings and other food-centered events, the space functions as a commercial kitchen.
    • New storage closet and pantry for dishes and other kitchen tools and equipment.
    • A used fridge, double-oven stove and a commercial dishwasher have been purchased.
  • New septic system installed in July.
  • Project completed August 12.



Check out our rental information page for information.


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Project Update – January 10, 2016

HPCC board members were busy the week leading up to January 10, clearing out the kitchen, sorting what to keep or dispose of.


Project Update – January 25, 2016

Monk Renovations has been on site since January 22 partitioning the kitchen.  The old closets have been demolished.  In its place is a new storage closet with a door facing the kitchen door.  A new storage room with janitor’s area has doors from the hall (old kitchen rear door) and kitchen opposite the serving window.  Framing and drywall completed.

Project Update – February 8, 2016

The new storage room has been painted and is ready for use.  It has lockers for our renters, cleaning supplies and lots of room to store tables and chairs.

Project Update – July 31, 2016

Phase 2 commenced July 14.  HPCC volunteer Facility Manager Robert Restin has been hard at work removing the old kitchen cabinets, insulating behind the cabinets and repairing the drywall.  Extensive work was required repairing the drywall on the ceiling.  Priming has been completed.

On July 25, Monk Renovations came in to remove the old floor.   New subfloor has been installed.  Plumbing has been completed, HVAC ducts relocated and electrical is underway.

Also on July 25, Kynock Resources came in to remove the old septic system and install the new Shaw peat moss system.

Project Update – August 7, 2016

Septic system is complete.

Flooring is completed and cabinets have been installed.


Project Update – August 13, 2016

Painting is done, countertop is installed and plumbing and electrical completed.  The kitchen passed its inspection for a Food Establishment License.  Chef Lyle Kennedy from Creative Gourmet was the first to use the kitchen – baking bannock for Hammonds Plains Heritage Day.