Bay Treasure Chest

The Bay Treasure Chest is a community lottery that gives players an opportunity to win cash, while supporting 14 community service organizations in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

The Bay Treasure Chest toonie draw is played in stores.  Players register for their number for life.  The cost to play is $2 per week per registered number.  You write your number on the yellow BTC sticker, place it on your toonie and drop it in a treasure chest located in one of the 18 retailers in the Bay area.  In Hammonds Plains, you can register and play at Peppertoni’s PizzaEdible Matters or Needs/Shell.


Hammonds Plains Community Centre, along with Hubbards Barn and Estabrooks Community Hall, form the Community Centre Hub, one of the eight partners in the Bay Treasure Chest.

Funds at Work

Funds raised through the Bay Treasure Chest support a wide variety of projects and programs run by the eight partners, as well as a Scholarship Program for Charles P. Allen and Sir John A. MacDonald high school graduates and a weekly Honorarium Program for local not for profit organizations.

The following projects at Hammonds Plains Community Centre have been funded in part from funds raised via our partnership with Bay Treasure Chest:

Spring 2017 – Enabling Accessibility

Shaun MacIntyre, HPCC Treasurer; Geoff Regan, MP Halifax West; Steve Rowland, HPCC director; Fred Dolbel, Bay Treasure Chest President; Ken Mitchell, HPCC Vice-President; Meaghan MacKinnon-Pratt, HPCC Secretary; and Anne Marie Evans, HPCC volunteer

Bay Treasure Chest funds are used to maintain and improve the Hammonds Plains Community Centre for long-term community benefit. Keeping a 78-year old building safe, accessible and relevant for a modern, growing community is hard work… made easier with Bay Treasure Chest support.

Recent accessibility improvements include a new low-threshold door with an electric opener, which makes accessing the building from the wheelchair ramp easier. A grant was received from the federal Enabling Accessibility Fund, and together with BTC support made the project possible.

Summer 2017 – Stacking Chairs

Fred Dolbel, Bay Treasure Chest Director, Anne Marie Evans, HPCC volunteer, Matt Whitman, Halifax Regional Councillor District 13

With an HRM District Grant and Bay Treasure Chest funds, Hammonds Plains Community Centre purchased 90 new stackable chairs. This will allow some 1969 vintage wooden chairs to retire and improve the comfort level for facility users. These chairs stack nicely on dollies to improve safety, ease movement and reduce storage space requirements.

Winter 2018 – Lighting and Electrical Upgrade

Hammonds Plains Community Centre, a BTCA partner via its Community Centre Hub, recently upgraded its lighting. Every light fixture inside and out has been converted to LED for energy savings; more potlights have been added inside, with dimmer switches, providing flexible lighting options for events. Bonus: four outlets now have USB ports to keep devices charged. Bright, efficient and keeping you connected! The project was also made possible with a rebate from Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Winter 2019 – Flooring Replacement

The old floor had a dip between the small and large rooms, a bad patch job by the side door, seams splitting and rising, and the top layer of finish had worn off.   Now fully replaced and is just gleaming!  This project was over 50% funded by funds raised through the Bay Treasure Chest, with the balance from Halifax District Capital Fund and Province of Nova Scotia Community Recreation Capital Grant.

Thank You

We appreciate the efforts of the 200+ volunteers who dedicate their time to make Bay Treasure Chest possible!


We Need Your Help

To play our part in the Bay Treasure Chest fundraising partnership, HPCC is committed to supplying volunteers who can help out periodically, such as working one Wednesday afternoon toonie count every fourth week, or doing chest pick ups in two week on-off cycles, or provide occasional administrative/management skills to support the operations.  How can you help?

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