2015 Curb Appeal Project

HPCC – April 22, 2015

The Hammonds Plains Community Centre is a not-for-profit association, incorporated under the Nova Scotia Societies Act.   The association is volunteer run with a board of directors consisting of seven Hammonds Plains residents.

The building was purchased from HRM by the association in March 2014.  With ownership comes new expense such as property taxes and higher insurance costs.   The building’s day to day operating costs are fully supported by rental activities.  Outside of a reduction in property taxes and occasional capital improvement grants, the association receives no operating grants.

The purpose of this project is to enhance the curb appeal for the Community Centre.  The building is old and getting tired.  Priority has been given to projects which improve the safety and functionality of the building.  As a result, little attention has been paid to the exterior of the building in the past few years.  Given the prime and visible location, an enhancement to the Community Centre really enhances the appeal for our whole community.  By making the Community Centre more attractive on the exterior, it will become more appealing for renters and users of the hall, thereby assisting with longer term viability.

This is a community-building opportunity, a chance to give back to the community, meet neighbors, network with business and community leaders and a team-building opportunity for employees or other groups.

We are seeking your support for this project.  We need volunteer labor to complete the work.  Donated materials would be appreciated as funds are limited and reserved for other interior projects.  Financial contributions will assist with any other costs which cannot be donated.

To get involved, please contact us via email hpcc@hammondsplains.ca


The goal is simple: to improve the curb appeal of the Community Centre.  Any effort will improve the current state and will be appreciated.  Some specific objectives are:

  • New exterior signage. Building identification and rental information.
  • Paint Exterior Window Trim. 13 windows.
  • Paint Exterior Doors. 5 doors.
  • Repair, Power Wash and Coat Vinyl Siding.
  • Parking lot. Repair potholes.  Additional gravel.  Improve drainage around foundation.
  • Picnic Tables: 3-4
  • Exterior Garbage Can
  • Planter Boxes w/shrubs
  • Lawn repairs
  • Flowers in road sign box.
  • Other community ideas are welcome!

Week 1 Update:  June 21-27

The board of directors of Hammonds Plains Community Centre is grateful for the support received from the community for the Curb Appeal Project.  This project is made possible by the support from Councillor Matt Whitman and a number of area businesses and not-for-profit associations.

The project kicked off on Tuesday, June 23 with one of Hammonds Plains most longstanding companies, Kynock Resources, doing extensive work, such as excavating the spongy front parking lot, compacting subsoil, and installing new gravel.  Our road sign was relocated to make the parking lot upgrade easier.  The east side of the building was excavated to repair a crack and properly grade the ground away from the building.   WOW!  Thank you Vernon and team for your awesome support and the quick, professional work completed.

image (1) image (2)

image (3) image (4) image (5) image (6)








On Saturday, one of Hammonds Plains’ newest businesses, Spray-Net was on site to power wash the siding.  While we’re impressed by the sparkling bright white – don’t get too used to it.  Jim MacDonald and crew have something mind-blowing in store.

On a sad note, HPCC’s most successful salesman, Road Sign, keeled over and sustained life threatening injuries.  He suffered from rotten planter boxitis made worse by soil-free legs.   We deny any rumour of the drink, but Mr. Sign was professionally eager about his last pitch.  Stay tuned for next week’s news.


Road Sign: Recover or Replace?


Week 2 Update:  June 28-July 4

Thank you to the good folks at LumberMart for donating a used sign.  Owner Jason O’Hearn heard about the dire condition of “Road Sign” and came up with this quick remedy to his planter boxitis.  Road Sign is still resting, noting this was the first break from work he’s taken in decades.

FullSizeRender - Copy

New (to us) planter box sign.

Exterior painting started this week.  We like to think the new “Grand Piano” black trim is extra cool because Andrea’s Music Studio is joining us in September.  Look out Week 3 – it’s going to be buzzing with activity!

Welcome Andrea’s Music Studio – moving to HPCC in September!


Week 3 Update:  July 5 -11

Week 3 was crazy.   Jim MacDonald and the Spray-Net Nova Scotia team came back on Monday and Tuesday and painted our siding and doors – an incredible transformation!

FullSizeRender - Copy (3)

Spray-Net crew getting ready to start the day.

FullSizeRender (2) - Copy

Mobile House Transformers!


On Wednesday, LumberMart delivered and assembled two picnic tables as well as the lumber for the planter boxes.  HPCC Board member Anne-Marie Evans and a few members of the Hammonds Plains Baseball Association painted our foundation and the wood for the planter boxes.   This job was finished on Thursday and Credit Union Atlantic (with HPCC Treasurer Shaun MacIntyre) pitched in a few hours and painted the door trim.


CUA’s Commercial bankers Shaun MacIntyre, Sandy Bonn & Paul Ryan


On Friday, Dan Monk and the Monk Renovations team painted our very high to reach windows.   Certainly they are life-savers!


Sky-high windows professionally painted by Monk Renovations

Kohoot Inc, designed our new brand earlier in 2015 and our new sign.    Day-Nite Signs printed it and delivered it in time for our big event. HPCC Board members Shawn Gaetz and Ken Mitchell installed it just before the BBQ’s fired up.

IMG_1719 (2)

New LED-backlit sign

Summer Kick Off

On Saturday, the Curb Appeal Project’s grand finale was the Summer Kick-Off event.  HPCC Board Member Jenelle Crocker organized a market and kids activities.  HPCC President Jenn Barr-Gaetz and Board Member Lyle Kennedy looked after beverage and pizza sales.  Pizza was supplied by Mike & Leila Makhoul’s Alexandra’s Pizza.  Outside, we were joined by the Hammonds Plains Volunteer Firefighters who brought one of their trucks and barbecued up a storm for us.




Firefighters are the best BBQ’ers


Planter Box Challenge

We had Geoff Regan, MP challenging Ben Jessome, MLA and Matt Whitman, Councillor to build some fine looking planter boxes for us in the “Hammonds Plains Planter Box Challenge”.  Rick Howe from News 95.7’s The Rick Howe Show did a thorough job judging the competition.

Geoff Regan

Geoff Regan

Rick Howe

Rick Howe trying to keep Matt Whitman in line

Matt Whitman

Matt Whitman and coaches

Ben Jessome

Ben Jessome

Planter Box Challenge Group Photo

Matt Whitman, Ben Jessome, Jenn Barr-Gaetz (HPCC President), Rick Howe, Geoff Regan and Shaun MacIntyre (HPCC Treasurer)

The boxes were all constructed with pride and precision.  Ben Jessome’s was crowned the winner.   Congrats Ben!

To complete the job, we called on Mike Herman & Sons who delivered 2 yards of garden soil to fill the boxes.


Mike Herman & Sons provided garden soil

Bloom Greenhouse and Atlantic Gardens supplied shrubs and flowers to complete the boxes.


Atlantic Garden delivering colour.


The finished product – They look awesome!


Matt Whitman’s box


Geoff Regan’s box


Ben Jessome’s winning box

Thank You!

Thank you Hammonds Plains!  This has been a heart-warming project that brought together well over a dozen businesses, not-for-profit groups and public representatives to revitalize the Hammonds Plains Community Centre.


Curb Appeal Project completed July 11, 2015

Community Hug (2)

A big THANK YOU Hammonds Plains!